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What Is A Bail Bondsman And Why Would I Ever Need One?

Within the legal system, most people are aware of the roles of a police officer, a judge, and a lawyer. However, ask a member of the general public what a bail bondsman does, and you are likely to be met with a look of confusion. And yet, for many people who end up being arrested, a bondsman can be just as, if not more important than their lawyer, at least initially.


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Help ! My Son Was Arrested – What Should I Do?

Anyone with a teenage son or daughter is naturally inclined to worry about certain things after all that’s part of being a parent. Even if your teenager is a model citizen, there is always a chance that they can end up getting arrested, and it’s hard to focus properly when you are worried and under stress. One of the most frequent calls lawyers and bail bond companies receive starts with the sentence “Help my son was arrested.”

Bail Bonds

Bail Bondsmen in the State of Connecticut must be licensed in order to conduct bonding business. All of our bondsmen are licensed to bond you out in the state of CT. Bail bond costs are set by the Connecticut Insurance Department. Prior to the execution of a bail bond, all bondsmen must get written authorization from a third party or if possible the defendant. (Step 2 in our bail bond process) If the bail bond "Premium" (our fees relating to bailing you out) cannot be paid in full before we bail you out, a bondsmen can arrange a payment plan (35% down payment of our fees). Any unpaid balance must be paid within 15 months from the time of bail. For more information on the laws concerning bail bonds in New Haven, please view the Public Act No. 11-45.