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Bail Bondsmen in the State of Connecticut must be licensed in order to conduct bonding business. All of our bondsmen are licensed to bond you out in the state of CT.  Bail bond costs are set by the Connecticut Insurance Department. Prior to the execution of a bail bond, all bondsmen must get written authorization from a third party or if possible the defendant. (Step 2 in our bail bond process) If the bail bond “Premium” (our fees relating to bailing you out) cannot be paid in full before we bail you out, a bondsmen can arrange a payment plan (35% down payment of our fees). Any unpaid balance must be paid within 15 months from the time of bail. For more information on the laws concerning bail bonds in New Haven, please view the Public Act No. 11-45.

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We can also bail you out of Orange CT.  We have experience in all of the towns surrounding West Haven and will come to you to make sure we help you every step of the way.

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Milford is very close to new haven and we can be there in no time.  If you need a bondsman in Milford we’re here to help.

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If you or a loved one requires a bond in hamden, we bail you out fast.  Our bondsman knows the area well and can begin to authorize your release before your even done being processed.

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North Branford ,Branford , North Haven , East Haven , Hamden , Bethany , Woodbridge , Orange , Milford , Ansonia , Derby and every other city in the entire state of CT. New Haven is a quick place to get bonded out of. A New Haven bail bonds man can be dispatched within a few minutes.


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New Haven’s Rise in Gang Violence The effects of violence on any community can be devastating, but in a community, such as orange, CT area, already plagued with high crime rates, a community can become crippled. Reports, such as the recent senseless shooting of 48-year-old Mary Townsend, are not few and far between for a city such as New Haven. Sadly enough, even though this town is the second most populated city in Connecticut with just over 129,779 people, and includes one of the top universities in the country (Yale), it still ranks as the second most violent city in all of the United States.   However, even though stats are high, police are doing their best to curb violence, by working with local, state and even national authorities to find and arrest gangs, as well as those carrying illegal substances and firearms.   Bridgeport’s Police Chief said he was “furious with his city’s ranking” as Connecticut’s second most violent city and the nation’s fourth. He continued to say that studies like this “don’t dignify a response” and “Yet, here we are again. A string of these junk studies come out every year even though the FBI implores people against it because they are overly simplistic and utterly misleading.” However, he does hope that people will look at the city’s positive aspects instead of focusing on the bad.   Regardless whether or not you are in agreeance with this particular point of view, the stats are astounding. 15 murders per every 100,000 people is too many.   Why the Rise in the need for bail bonds in New Haven? The FBI points to the increase...
New Haven Bail Bond Laws

It may seem like bail bondsmen really don’t have a lot of control over the jail and justice systems within the state in which they operate. This however, is not always the case. New Haven, CT is one town that is trying their best to create reform to help control the bail bond amounts. Petty crime defendants are statistically in jails longer and the effects of this are bad on the economy. However, in New Haven and throughout the state of Connecticut, according to statistics, 1 in every 33 adults is under correctional control and despite reformists best efforts, things are slow to change.

Overcrowded Jails In New Haven There are many pieces of the justice system that contribute to overcrowding in our American jails. Just one of these contributing factors is high bail prices. High bail prices tend to make it harder for minorities and the poorer populations to get out of jail and work towards paying off their debt and make restitution for the crimes they have committed.   Some people have argued that the new haven jail overcrowding is only worsened by higher bail rates which has the potential of contributing to homeless crimes committed for the sake of incarceration. The homeless population, in states with harsh weather especially, have been known to have a higher crime rate due to the knowledge of a warm bed and meal. Somehow jail, and the fact that they won’t be released without bond, seems preferable to a hard, cold cement bench and “shamefully” begging for the next meal.   Does it even make sense to risk incarceration for a place to lay your head? To the average person, probably not. But to some it offers a warm, well-fed environment in which they can live for a short amount of time, funded by taxpayers. These are, of course, just a few of the reasons American jails are becoming overcrowded. But, do bail bondsmen and the bail set really make that much of a difference in the long run?   How Do Bail Bonds in New Haven Contribute? It may seem like bail bondsmen really don’t have a lot of control over the jail and justice systems within the state in which they operate. This however, is not always the...