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West Haven CT Bail Bonds

We bail you or your loved one out of West Haven faster than anyone else. It all starts with a quick phone call to let our bondsman know you need bail. Then the cosigner for the bail bond can fill out our defendant authorization form in person, or online. From there, one of Afford-A-Bail West Haven’s bondsman will provide documents to the West Haven Police Department. Now you or your loved one is released and free to go!

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How To Post A Bail Bond In Connecticut

In our line of work, we get asked many questions from our clients, but inevitably the number one question we are asked on a daily basis is “How do I post a bail bond?” This is typically accompanied by a lot of stress, worry, and concern from the person asking the question, due to their loved one being in jail.

How Does “Bail to Avoid Jail” Work?

When one is arrested for committing a crime, he is innocent until proven guilty. However, the person will be put to jail and the prosecution moves on. Unfortunately, the criminal justice system takes a long time to resolve a case. In order to remain free while waiting for the court appearance, the accused person posts a bail.

Bail: Getting out of Jail

The first, and probably the only thing, that preoccupies the minds of people in jail is how they could get out as quickly as possible. One way this could be achieved legally is by paying bail.

Bail is the cash or any other form of property given by a charged or arrested person, to secure his release from jail with the understanding that he will present himself anytime he is needed in the court. If the defendant absconds or does not return to court at the prescribed time, he not only forfeits his property or cash, the court can order his arrest.