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  • Defendant Being Cosigned For

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  • I understand that I am signing this agreement and obtaining the release of the above listed defendant for the bond amount listed above. As such I am responsible for the following terms: The defendant appearing in court each and every time they are so ordered.
    Payment of court costs for non-appearance or if the defendant falls to follow any/all Instructions or should the court forfeit the bond.
    If it becomes necessary to apprehend and surrender the defendant to the court and all expenses incurred as a result of such forfeiture on addition to a mandatory administrative fee of $250.00.
    If forfeiture occurs, I give Afford-a-Bail Bail Bonds, LLC and/or Its agents the right to search any residence of mine or place of residence known to be occupied by me or for said defendant .
    If forfeiture occurs and the defendant is not surrendered within the time prescribed by law, I will pay the full amount of bond, including unpaid premium, attorney fees, and court costs, interest and investigator fees.
    If forfeiture occurs, I give Afford-A-Bail Ball Bonds, LLC the right to place a lien on my residence or any other personal or business property that I own or have financial Interest in. Collateral will not be returned until 7 business days after Afford-A-Bail Bail Bonds, LLC receives notice from the court verifying exonerat ion of the bond. All written obligations/agreements must be satisfied prior to the return of collateral. Collateral will not be returned if not requested within 180 days of exoneration of the bond.
    Collateral will be returned during normal business hours. *If defendant fails to appear for any reason the collateral will be forfeited.
    The following privacy terms and conditions are an integral part of this addendum and bond(s) is conditioned upon full compliance by the principal of all said terms and conditions and is a part of said bonds and application therefore:
    1. The Agency will use network-based location technologies to find principal solely at their discretion.
    2. This addendum will service as the sole notice for the collection of location information for the principal until their bond liability is fully discharged.
    3. The Agency will only retain location data while the bail bond is actively in force.
    4. The Agency will only disclose location information to the courts as required by court order.
    5. The Agency will be the only person with access to location information for a specific principal.
    6. The principal WILL NOT have the option to OPT-OUT of location use during the period of bail.
    7. All questions relating to location capability should be directed to the Agency.
    AGENCY to call mobile telephone number when principal application is completed to ensure accuracy of the phone number. If an incorrect phone number is provided by the principal that would constitute a material false statement in the application and result in the AGENCY having the right to apprehend arrest and surrender principal.
    8. Consigner can held responsible for any and all unpaid balances and fees.
    9. I authorize Afford-A-Bail bonds to run periodic credit reports as long as an outstanding balance exists.

  • In the event of a PTA (promise to appear) being issued after the bond has been executed, the payment against premium, up to $25 per hour invested, is non-refundable. In the event that payments against the premium become 60 days delinquent, Afford-A-Bail Bail Bonds, LLC reserves the right to revoke bail.

  • I, we the undersigned, do hereby authorize Afford-A-Bail bonds LLC, or its agents to act as my bail agent

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