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You can get bailed out of Enfield FAST. You call us at our phone number to notify the bail bondsman about your bail. Start with filling out our defendant authorization form online. Then one of Afford-A-Bail’s bondsman will provide documents to the Enfield Police Department. Now you or your loved one is released and free to go! For more information about bail bonds, Click Here.

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About Enfield CT

enfield ct shaker historic district

Attribution: Neil.m.young – https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Shaker_Historic_District.JPG

Enfield Connecticut originally took its name from Enfield, in London England. As many people living here will know, it is the home of Lego in the United States and was the home of Hallmark Cards until 2016 when they decided to move all of their distribution to Kansas City.


Being the cities second largest employer, this hit the community hard, but Enfield people are nothing if not resilient, and the city is still a magnificent place where many people choose to live and work.


Alcohol plays a significant part in the cities life, with many bars and restaurants scattered around the city, and the famous Powder Hollow Brewery, part of the cities DNA. Many people would say that the people of Enfield work hard and play hard, which of course means that occasionally tempers can fray, and arguments take place. Should things ever get out of hand, and you or a loved one gets arrested, rest assured that Afford-A-Bail has an office based in the center of Enfield.


Their team is available 24/7, to come to your assistance quickly, getting to work on your behalf to make sure that you spend as little time in jail as possible. Should the worst ever happen, make sure to give the team at Afford-A-Bail a call to ensure a speedy release.

Concerned Citizen Helps Catch Enfield Fugitive

ENFIELD, CT – Social media is more than just Facebook posts and selfies. It may also be able to help catch a fugitive. In the list from Enfield Police Department of the “Most Wanted” people in Enfield, is the name of Heidi Mayhew, who is 40 years old of 11 Windsor Court. She was charged with a first-degree failure to appear in court and two-counts of second-degree failure to appear, with her bond amounting to $12,500.

How Bail Works for Murder Suspects in CT

Last year on October 28, the body of 62-year old Pamela Cote was found on Windsor Court near Lafayette Park. Windsor Court is a public housing complex for the elderly and disabled. She was reported missing that day. A medical examiner’s report revealed that she had asphyxiated to death, a cause of death deemed suspicious by authorities. It wasn’t until a month later, on November 29, 2016, that they officially determined the cause of death to be homicide. The case was sealed, as police believed it to be an isolated incident. However, just this past August, East Hartford resident Howard Bowen, 33, was arrested for her murder.
How Does Bail Work for Murder Suspects?

Enfield Justice System

The town of Enfield, Connecticut is home to more than 44,654 individuals according to the 2010 census. All of these people are sharing a total of 34.2 square miles, 0.9 of which is a body of water, which makes for a slightly above average population density. A higher than normal population density is conducive to a high crime rate but fortunately for the Enfield townsfolk, the Enfield CT justice system is around to maintain peace and social order within the town.

Enfield – Full of Hidden Treasures For An Enjoyable Evening Out

It doesn’t seem to matter where you live, London, Paris, New York, it is very easy to fall into a rut and take all of the wonderful restaurants and bars in your local town for granted. After a long hard day at work, most people get home and end up slouching on the couch in front of the television. But there is so much more to do out in the big wild world, and Enfield CT is no exception. Let’s look at some of the fantastic places to visit and hopefully inspire you to get out and enjoy them, rather than spend another evening in front of the TV.