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About Manchester

Home to nearly 60,000 people, Manchester is one of the largest and most populated suburbs of Hartford. Like many of the surrounding towns, Manchester started as an agricultural center in the late-1600s. Through the 1700 and 1800s, the town served as a major industrial center. The first glassworks in Connecticut—Pitkin Glassworks—ran from 1783 to 1830. Today, the remnants of this facility is under preservation by the local historical society. Shortly after the closing of Pitkin Glassworks, the Cheney family started what was to become the world’s largest silk mill. Building an entire community around the massive mill, the city was known as an ideal industrial community. Much of the structures are still available to tour and visit at the Cheney Brothers Historic District. Today, the town is known mostly for its arts, culture and businesses. If you’re looking to shop, you’ll find endless options at The Shoppes at Buckland Hills, Buckland Plaza and The Plaza at Buckland Hills. Much of the major retail development in the region is focuses around these places, making the town an ideal destination for a day of retail therapy. If you’re looking to take in the history of the area or enjoy a little family fun, you’ll find a nice selection of museums in the city as well. The Fire Museum shows the evolution of firefighting technology in a restored firehouse dating back to 1901. The Lutz Children’s Museum is an excellent choice for families looking for a little hands-on, educational fun. For a look at local history, the Old Manchester Museum covers famous names and industries throughout the town’s long past. Finally, you can enjoy a look back into the daily routines of the 1700s at the Cheney Homestead Museum. While the town is typically a quiet place, you’ll find an Afford-A-Bail Bail Bonds location right in the heart of Manchester should you, a loved one or a friend need bail bonds in Manchester, Connecticut. Our experienced and licensed team can help you to post bail and breathe easier in just five simple steps. Payment plans and affordable rates are also available to reduce the stress of the moment. For more information, and to find the location nearest you, check our locations page!

This History of the Mafia in Connecticut

Believe it or not, but the Mafia actually has a rich and colorful history in Connecticut. Though many parts of Connecticut are rural and quaint, crime still managed to seep across the border and run rampant within its confines—particularly in New Haven.

For many gangsters, the picturesque town that is New Haven offers a nice, safe and above all, discreet, place to rest their heads at night. Moreover, city officials went out of their way to protect Mafia members from the law, with more than a few townsmen bending the law to help out a gangster in need. For these reasons, some of the most renowned gangsters in Mafia history have felt inclined to make Connecticut their home.