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Life is always throwing new twists and turns in our paths, and the only thing that you can guarantee is that there are no guarantees. Many people have never contemplated the thought of being arrested. However, mistaken identity, a motor vehicle accident or any number of things could cause this scenario to happen. Once you are in jail, it’s hard to seek advice and help, other than by calling a lawyer. But there are other issues such as bail bonds that may be required. If you are reading this are you even aware of what a bail bondsman does?

Should you face any issues in Seymour CT, call Afford-a-Bail for help!

Seymour CT Police Department

Address: 11 Franklin Street

Seymour, CT 06483

Phone number: 203-881-7600


Living In Seymour CT

seymour ct belkin block - historical center

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Seymour is a town that was incorporated in 1850, making it around 177 years old. A family friendly location, there are many novel and exciting things for families and children of all ages to do. Whether it is a fireworks spectacular, a summer school to learn how to deal with stray kittens, or Junior Innovators Movie Makers event, Seymour is the perfect location to bring up a small family.

If you are single, looking for somewhere to set up your first home, or are just evaluating new locations to consider, then Seymour also has plenty to offer as well. There are numerous restaurants and bars, where the alcohol flows, great food is served and all within a friendly atmosphere. However, as with any town, there is always the potential for things to go wrong. The good news is that should you, or one of your colleagues get arrested then Afford-a-Bail has a local office and team who can get you out of jail, quickly, and with the minimum of fuss. Our local team of bail bondsman knows exactly how the system works, which means that we are aware of how to get you or your loved ones out of jail expeditiously.