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In our line of work, we get asked many questions from our clients, but inevitably the number one question we are asked on a daily basis is “How do I post a bail bond?” This is typically accompanied by a lot of stress, worry, and concern from the person asking the question, due to their loved one being in jail.

Below is the answer provided by the best bail bondsman in CT (by the way, you can contact him (860) 866-5438 in case of need).


Don’t Panic

The good news is that having contacted our professional team of experts, with many years of experience and knowledge, there is no need to panic. We have been organizing bail bonds in Connecticut for many years; it is a daily occurrence for us, and we know how to expedite matters with the minimum of fuss and hassle. Furthermore, because we are not emotionally attached to the person in jail, we can deal with the situation calmly and logically, the importance of which cannot be underestimated.


The Information We Require

In order for a bail bondsman to do their job properly, they will need a few pieces of critical information. These are as follows:

The Jail Where The Person Is Detained – As we have bail bondsmen located all over the Connecticut area, the first piece of information required is which jail the person is being held in. This will enable us to start the process as quickly as possible, and each jail and police department have their quirks and individual requirements. Once we know the jail, we are dealing with we can assign the best bail bondsman with the local knowledge of that jail to get your loved one out.

The Subject’s Name And Details  – Although it is unlikely that two people with the same name would be arrested in the same area, it is important that all of the details we have are factually correct. That is why we will ask you to spell out the full name of your loved one and supply their date of birth. Once we have all of those details, we can then make the call to the police department and find out how much the bail has been set at.


The bail amount is set by the state and is dependent on certain factors including the type of crime and the judge’s opinion of how likely the subject is to turn up at court in the future. For most people, the arrest of their loved one comes as quite a shock, and they simply don’t have the bail money available to post bail and get their loved ones released. That is where our company can and will help. We will ask you to complete some simple forms, and then arrange for the bail payment to be made. We accept a broad range of payment methods including credit cards, and we make the process as simple as possible.


Many of our customers tell us that the feeling of relief they experience once they contact us and we take over the process is priceless. If you need assistance with a bail bond issue, from a company that will not only help but will also demonstrate compassion and understanding then give Afford a Bail a call today.