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Middletown, Connecticut, is a great option for spending a night out on the town. Options range from dive bars to upscale wine bars to ensure a perfect choice for any budget, preference or group. Better still, some of the best bars in town happen to be some of the best eateries in Middletown as well. If you’re looking for a cold brew and a good time, these five picks are favorites near Afford-A-Bail Bail Bonds locations.

Top 5 Nightlife Places in Middletown, CT

  1. Enjoy the Evening Air at Eli Cannon’s
    Known for its outdoor patio during warm weather and its unbeatable selection of beers year round, you’ll always find a lively crowd at Eli Cannon’s. From local microbrews to unique imports, the beer list is one of the largest in the region. Of course, no night at the bar is complete without something tasty to chase your suds. From mac and cheese to crispy wings, the kitchen offers pub classics with a twist that are sure to please.
  2. Experience One of Middetown’s Most Unique Bars with Vines
    Part art gallery, part lounge and part restaurant, Vines offers an experience you won’t find anywhere else. Take a seat on one of the comfy couches, order one of the local microbrews and enjoy the ride. The outdoor patio is covered in grape vines if you’re feel like snacking, but the kitchen offers plenty to love as well. Of course, you can also pull up to the bar. Many nights include drink and food specials, so you can always count on Vines to make your wallet happy as well.
  3. Live Music, Pool and Drink Specials at Keagan’s Irish Pub
    A favorite among locals, it’s hard to beat the cozy atmosphere of Keagan’s for a night out with friends. There’s seating if you’re bringing a group or you can pull up a stool at the bar. Drinks include a variety of cocktails as well as local and import beers on tap. Drink specials are common throughout the week to ensure everyone has a great time. Looking for a bite to eat? Chef Ren cranks out fried pub classic—including fish and chips and hot wings. There’s even large TVs for the big games and fights.
  4. Pizza and Whiskey Galore at Krust
    There’s something magical about a hot, cheesy slice and a cold beer. Krust understands this and offers pairings so good you won’t want to share with your friends. The star of Krust’s menu is its selection of more than 200 whiskeys. If you’re looking for something a little lighter, you’ll also find a wide selection of local IPAs and domestic brews. Pair your drink of choice with the smoked mozzarella or roasted brussels pie and prepare to be amazed.
  5. Catch the Game at Matty’s Next Door
    Sometimes, the best bars are just simply, friendly places with great prices. Matty’s Next Door certainly falls into that category. Plenty of TVs, a wide selection of on-tap beers and a long menu of wings to keep you full until your pitcher is empty or the game has ended. It’s over on the south side of town, so you won’t find the crowds and noise of Main Street Bars. There’s even live music on many weekends to add a little fun and variety to any night on the town.

With so many choices, you could spend the entire weekend exploring the nightlife of Middletown and still barely scratch the surface. Whether you’re cruising the big names on Main Street or getting out into the surrounding city, you’ll always have a great time. While most places are calm and cozy, don’t forget your favorite cheap Middletown bail bond, Afford-A-Bail Bail Bonds, is always happy to help you out if things go awry.