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The West Haven Police Department was established in 1897. They started with only three members of the police committee. They were assigned by Warden and Burgess, who were then the local officials. Since then, they have multiplied and have been an accepted member in their local community.

Adored By All

They have dutifully performed their duties. The department also ensures vigorous training for the aspiring policemen. They respond to different distress calls, most especially crimes that are committed in the area. Others would include child safety, as well as parking tickets. They have also responded to cases like domestic abuse and harassment.

They are also loved by their local community. This is because they have served their community well.

Department Divisions

Of course, every establishment is divided into different sections. The West Haven Police Department is no different. The WHPD is divided into four departments. The departments are as follows:

  1. Uniformed Services Division – This division specializes in unique areas of policing. This usually means patrolling. Patrol would mean police officers are assigned to different areas and enforce ordinances and laws. They would also control crowds and regulate traffic. Generally, they are assigned to prevent crime.
  2. Investigative Services Division – The officers assigned to this division specialize in investigative duties like forensic services and crime prevention.
  3. Administrative Division – This division is mainly responsible to several units in the Department. They are the ones assigned to facilitate training and recruitment.
  4. Training Division – This division does most of the grueling process of training each member of the police force. Police officers are constantly being monitored for their progress. This division would oversee schedules for the classes and certificates.

Teens Steal Car and Crash

Sometime middle of last year, the WHPD had to arrest a stolen car full of young adults. The incident happened around 3 AM when police noticed suspicious activity. When they were flagged down and approached, the car took off suddenly. This started a high-speed chase down I-95. The car eventually crashed off an exit in West Haven. This made the juveniles run off on foot. The incident gave a valuable lesson to the community. They learned that cars should not be left unlocked to avoid such instances. Stolen cars have become a rampant case for some time so the Police Department referred the incident to caution the local community.

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