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The mistakes you make could end up getting you in jail. Don’t worry. When that happens, there’s always a solution. One good solution to get out of jail is the help you can get from us at Afford A Bail.

We are a network of various bond agents across different counties of Connecticut, including New London County. Our mission is to help you. It is our business to make sure you get the help you need and deserve. The help you could get from the services offered by our bondsmen could mean a huge difference in your or your loved ones’ criminal case.

On this page, we will list down some of the things you should know not only about the services we offer but also about the various bail bond services in New London County. We will help you find the right officer today. Let’s get right onto it!

The Guide To Making Sure You Have the Bail Bondsman That Can Be Trusted

1. The first thing you should remember about such services is that they should be licensed. The agent you hire should be accredited. Their license should be updated. They should hold credentials that authorities vouched for. The bail bondsman that can’t show you this should not be trusted. In fact, you should avoid or even report them.

2. The next thing to remember when hiring a bondsman is their expertise and years of experience. It might be tempting to go for agents that charge cheap. However, you may be spending more. By shorting yourself, you may end up paying for a lot. The cheap bail bondsman that promises services to you should always be ready to show proof that they’ve spent years already in the service. That’s specific to the state they’re operating in.

3. It’s also necessary for you to acquire the right referral for your bondsman. The right reference means that you can avoid being duped. The right referral, in fact, is everything.

4. The services you are looking for should also help your specific needs. What good is the experience of the agent if it’s not related to your legal offense? An easy way to solve that kind of problem is to contact us at Afford A Bail and get our professional consult. Our network of bondsmen has the varied experience and expertise to offer whatever legal offense you have committed.


This History of the Mafia in Connecticut

This History of the Mafia in Connecticut

Believe it or not, but the Mafia actually has a rich and colorful history in Connecticut. Though many parts of Connecticut are rural and quaint, crime still managed to seep across the border and run rampant within its confines—particularly in New Haven.