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Below are some of the well-known state prisons in Connecticut:

  1. York Correctional Institution

This prison is Connecticut’s only prison that’s exclusively for women. It is formerly known as the Janet S. York Correctional Institution. The facility was opened in October 1994 and have been housing female prisoners. The facility is located in Niantic Connecticut.

  1. Bridgeport Correctional Center

This is a high-security state prison that houses male inmates. The facility was built in 1958. It was also at that time that they received their first inmates. The facility is located in Bridgeport Connecticut. The facility operates on both level 2 and level 4 security.

  1. Cheshire Correctional Institution

This prison is located in Cheshire, New Haven County, Connecticut. It is also a correctional facility for male inmates. This facility was built in 1910. It was built partly by the inmates of the Wethersfield State Prison. It was originally opened for male youths. However in 1982, Cheshire was redesigned a prison for adults. The institution is a level 4 high security facility housing adult offenders charged with long sentences.

  1. MacDougall-Walker Correctional Institution

The MacDougall-Walker Correctional Institution is another prison in Connecticut that houses adult male inmates. The facility operates on level 4 and 5 security. It is one of the biggest correctional facility in New England. It first opened in 2001 as a result of a merger.

  1. Osborn Correctional Institution

The Osborn Correctional Institution is a state prison for adult men. It is located in Somers, Connecticut. It is another one of the largest and oldest facility in the state. This prison also houses the state’s execution chamber when capital punishment still existed. The male death row was also housed in this facility until 1995.

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