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Three locals were honored for their heroic act of rescuing the life of a police officer who was stabbed during an argument. The Hartford Police Department paid tribute to the locals on Tuesday night at a meeting of the city council.

Distinguished Citizens Awards were accorded to Jacqueline Marciano, Marvin Dixon, and Jose Casanova; this was a reward for their brave deed of saving the life of Officer Jill Kidik on May 17.

Chief of Police David Rosado said that at about 9:10 a.m., Kidik decided to reply to a complaint made on property destruction by a resident on Spectra Apartment at 5 Constitution Plaza. The grievance to this behavior was reported to the police by Jacqueline Marciano, Assistant Building Superintendent. When Kidik came to the building and began to investigate the allegations, she learned the occupant culpable named, Chevoughn Augustin, occupied apartment 903 and lately had not only been a concern of grievances to the police, but also a risk to building occupants and workers as well.

As reported by Rosado, Kidik advanced to apartment 903 with an objective of conversing with Augustin. Marciano followed her to the ninth floor, but the officer’s instructed her to stay out of sight. When the officer got to the apartment door and knocked, she encountered Augustin. As Marciano became aware of the uttermost recalcitrant the officer encountered from her, she decided to get in touch with the building maintenance workers Dixon and Casanova. She requested them to urgently show up to the ninth floor to help.

Unexpectedly, Augustin who had a chopping knife charged at Kidik. The attacker went ahead and impaled Kidik severally in the throat, which caused severe wounds that bled profusely.

Disarming Augustin and Saving Kidik

When Dixon and Casanova approached the ninth floor and noticed that Augustin was on the floor and she continuously kept on stabbing Kidik. Regardless of the intense danger, they were dealing with, they both dashed to the attacker. They succeeded to render her defenseless by knocking her down and taking the weapon from her as noted by Rosado.

Marciano hurried to Kidik, she gave her first aid by applying pressure on her neck and concurrently, made a 911 emergency call to the police department to give more information. Extra uniformed officers came to the scene; they apprehended the attacker and helped their wounded workmate. Marciano went on and helped Kidik till she was set in an ambulance and moved to Hartford Hospital for emergency treatment.

Kidik was seriously wounded so she underwent an intensive emergency treatment for several injuries. In spite of Kidik losing a lot of blood as an outcome of the frightful wounds she endured, she persevered and she is having a tremendous recovery.

According to Rosado, it is certain that if Ms. Marciano, Mr. Dixon, and Mr. Casanova had not taken that bold move, Officer Kidik would now be deceased.

A barber from the neighbor town was not as lucky last year.

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