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Contrary to the “farm” in its name, Farmington in Connecticut is a well-industrialized town that is home to a significant and growing number of corporations. But it has retained most of its natural beauty via the meadows and hills in the east and southeast as well as the healthy woodlands. This makes it a prime destination for tourists and travelers.

However, one key problem of the state is that there is still a strong demand for housing. The town’s growth is simply outpacing its real estate. The problem is exacerbated by the need for preservation and open space. So if you are planning to visit Farmington and stay for a day or two, you may find it a bit difficult to find a place to stay.

Where to Stay Overnight in Farmington: Short and Extended

Here are a few suggestions:

Hartford Marriott

This 3-star hotel is located on 15 Farm Springs Road and is a common choice for business people coming from CT’s local corporate offices, or by people who need some place to stay in while on bail in Farmington. Since it is a 3 star hotel, one should not expect the same luxuries and services offered by 5 star hotels, but this also means that the rates are much more affordable.

The Hartford Marriott hotel is perfect for overnight stays and the staff are very attentive. There’s a small gym and a sushi bar, but the best part is that the rooms are spacious and comfortable enough that you’d mistake it for a luxury hotel.

Green Acres Bed and Breakfast

Found in Bushy Hill Rd, Green Acres is a great place if you really just need a place to stay in for the night and for a quick meal when you wake up. Since it’s just a B & B, there should be no expectations that you will be pampered during your stay. It is operated by the duo of Jim and Kathy, who are very gracious hosts that make you feel like you are at home.

The nice thing about Green Acres is that the place looks very well kept, so it’s easy to get comfortable. The breakfast is very good and freshly served. The hosts will cater to requests up to a point, and if you’re planning to stay a little later you can spend the afternoons at the pool.

Hilton Homewood Suites

Homewood Suites is a 4-star hotel, and is most likely the ideal place to stay in for the night if you have the money for it. The hotel provides everything that one would expect of a 4-star establishment, to the point where it may seem out of place in Farmington, as there is no beach resort or high profile tourist spot nearby.

Many of the people who drop by the Hilton Homewood Suites are en route to the First Church of Christ or on a business trip. The hotel is notable for having an indoor swimming pool, free wifi access for both guests and customers, and an extensive video game selection in every room.

Keep in mind that the above three are some of the best places to stay overnight in Farmington CT, but they are far from being the only choice. The town is also home to many other rental apartments and motor hotels. Not all of them will provide a cozy or comfortable experience, but if you are only planning to stay for a night and don’t have much of a budget, the choice is simple. Just remember the old adage — you get what you pay for.

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