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Anyone with a teenage son or daughter is naturally inclined to worry about certain things after all that’s part of being a parent. Even if your teenager is a model citizen, there is always a chance that they can end up getting arrested, and it’s hard to focus properly when you are worried and under stress. One of the most frequent calls lawyers and bail bond companies receive starts with the sentence “Help my son was arrested.”


As a parent, we are all very good at teaching our children what not to do – Don’t talk to strangers, Don’t go anywhere without telling people where you are going, etc. But very few parents talk to their children about what to do if they are arrested. Obviously, this is a difficult conversation to have, but that doesn’t mean that you can shy away from it. Being a parent means rising to the challenges, and tackling the difficult situations as well as enjoying the proud moments.


Ensure Your Child Knows What To Do If They Are Arrested


Sit your child down and teach them the following rules should the worst thing happen:

  1. When dealing with police officers always remain calm and polite. Do not give them any opportunity to become annoyed with your attitude or behaviour, as this is likely to inflame the situation.
  2. If they are arrested, then don’t say anything else until they have spoken to you and/or a lawyer.


Unfortunately, many young people make the mistake of admitting to something they haven’t done because they are scared or worried. Being arrested is a traumatic experience, and in this situation, young people tend to think of the immediate circumstances rather than the long-term implications. Once convicted of a criminal offense their future employment prospects can be harmed amongst other things. Tell them to request a phone call to you regardless of the reason for the arrest. Some young people are scared and ashamed of finding themselves in such a situation and decide mistakenly not to call their parents. Ensure that they know that all phone calls made in Connecticut jails are recorded, so don’t say too much on the phone.


Your Child Calls You From Jail – Now What Do You Do?

It’s a late Friday evening around 11 o’clock and the dreaded phone call arrives.  You son has been arrested and has followed your instructions to the letter and called you. Even thinking about the words “my son is in jail” is enough to make many parents feel ill, so as a loving parent what should your next steps be.

The first thing to do is not to panic. Many teenagers are arrested on a regular basis, and subsequently released without charge, so it is important that you keep calm and retain a clear head. There are two important people you need to contact immediately, the first is a lawyer. A lawyer will be able to advise you on the legalities of the arrest, and the potential ramifications. The other person you need to contact is a bail bondsman (in New Britain, CT or around call Afford a Bail). A bail bondsman has the knowledge and the financial strength to be able to arrange bail, should your son require it. Your initial aim should always be to get your son out of jail as quickly as possible. There will be plenty of time for discussions and recriminations at a later date, but for anyone, let alone your teenage son every second spent in jail is a second too long.


Bail bondsmen operate  24 hours a day seven days a week service and are generally located in the close vicinity of the various jails. They are used to dealing with these situations and know the procedures that need to be followed. For anyone to be released from jail pending further investigation, it is normal for there to be a payment to the court. This payment is called bail, and it is typically set at a relatively high level. The concept is that if the arrested person fails to present themselves to court on the specified day, then the bail payment will be forfeited. For this to be a significant incentive, the bail needs to be set relatively high. For most families, the amount of bail is simply too much to pay out of their own bank, which is where a bail bonds company comes into play.


For a set fee, the bail bonds company will pay the bail ensuring that your son is released from jail as quickly as possible. Provided your son then attends court as instructed by the police, there will be no further costs. Not every situation will require the use of a bail bonds company if for example your son is released without charge. However, it makes sense to contact an agent as quickly as possible. They will be able to offer advice and guidance, and will be aware of the case, should their services be required.