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Computer Crime Bail Bonds in Connecticut

If you’ve ever downloaded pirated movies, music, or software, you committed a computer crime. You’re lucky if you weren’t caught and charged with cybercrime.

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There’s a wide range of computer crimes in Connecticut, including:

  • Computer fraud – this includes falsifying information online, deleting stored data, and performing and concealing unauthorized transactions – for example, identity theft cases: gaining access to someone else’s bank account to transfer hundreds of thousands of dollars to yourself.
  • Hacking – taking advantage of a system weakness to gain access into a database or network.
  • Maliciously targeting a computer – this largely involves the use of viruses, malware, and ransomware attacks.
  • Copyright infringement – Using someone’s intellectual property, such as music or a movie, on the internet without their consent.
  • Computer as a tool – when you use the computer to attack a person, such as cyberbullying.

Depending on the conditions of the cyber crime charged, you will either be charged at the federal or the state level. Nonetheless, a case must be made that your activity on the computer or internet was intended to swindle a person or entity.

How Much Is Bail for Computer Fraud?

Toy figures: man beside computer and FBIComputer frauds are subject to the same bail standards as other crimes in the United States. When arrested, you will be taken to jail. You will stay there until your trial or until you post bail.

The amount of bail varies depending on the crime committed, and whether you are a flight risk or pose any danger to the community. Hacker bail cannot be the same as cyber libel, for example. In some circumstances, the prison may have a graph formulated with bail information.

In other situations, however, you’ll have to wait to appear before a judge who will set bail. Regardless of how it is set, it must be in line with the 8th Amendment, which forbids abnormal amount.

If you can’t afford the stated amount, you can contact a bail bondsman. That’s where Afford-a-Bail Cyber Crime Bail Bond CT Services comes in.

This History of the Mafia in Connecticut

This History of the Mafia in Connecticut

Believe it or not, but the Mafia actually has a rich and colorful history in Connecticut. Though many parts of Connecticut are rural and quaint, crime still managed to seep across the border and run rampant within its confines—particularly in New Haven.

Bail for Cyber Crimes Service in CT

Being arrested and charged for computer fraud can be traumatizing. You could be wondering how to secure a computer crime bail bond, and you may not know where to turn for help.

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