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Drug Crimes Bail Bonds: Possession, Charges in Connecticut

As drug-related crimes become rife, the laws are getting tighter each day. Connecticut laws prohibit manufacture and possession of controlled substances and drugs. There are numerous variations of drug crimes in the state, ranging from misdemeanor charges to felony charges.

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Controlled substances and drugs are classified at different levels, meaning that a drug possession could lead to an automatic felony charge. Illegal possession of drugs may include:

  • Possession of cocaine, meth, heroin, ecstasy, or marijuana illegally
  • Illegal possession of prescription medicine

Connecticut drug possession laws are serious, and the penalties can be severe. Any drug crime conviction can haunt you for the rest of your life, and ruin your future in numerous ways. Even if the drugs are used for medical purposes and thus the usage is legal, you should remember that sometimes that means refraining from driving to avoid DUI charges.

You should realize, however, that you have a right to bail if you get arrested on drug charges. Let’s have a deeper look at drug crimes bail bonds and see how you can secure your release when arrested and charged for the crimes.

Bail Amount for Drug Crimes Arrest

2 hands with 100 dollar bank notesWhen you’ve been arrested and booked for drug crimes, the amount of bail will be designated by the arresting officer depending on the crime in question as well as other factors. For minor drug arrests, the bail bond amount is normally very low. You may be able to afford to pay the whole amount upfront and go home.

For felony drug arrests, or if you are a repeat offender, the bail can be hefty. If the drug arrest charge is considered to be extremely grievous, such as drug trafficking, or you are considered a flight risk, you may not be granted bail. In this case, you will have to wait in a county jail for your court dates.

How Much Is Bail for Possession of Drugs?

The amount of bail for possession of drugs is determined by a judge after the booking process, and it will depend on a number of factors:

  • Is it a felony or misdemeanor possession?
  • What was the amount of the drug in your possession?
  • Was the drug for personal consumption or for sale?

Minor amounts of drugs are normally classified as misdemeanor crimes, which are more likely to have a light bail as long as they are the first offense. Conversely, if you are charged with possession of larger amounts of drugs, whether for sale or personal use, you will be charged under felony violations, which attract exorbitant bail amounts.

Bail bonds for drug charges can rise quickly, with $100,000 for at least 1 pound of the drug. 2 to 7 pounds can cost you $500,000 in bail and $1 million for 10 to 20 pounds. You may be asked to pay up to $5 million if you are found with as much as 175 pounds of drugs.

This History of the Mafia in Connecticut

This History of the Mafia in Connecticut

Believe it or not, but the Mafia actually has a rich and colorful history in Connecticut. Though many parts of Connecticut are rural and quaint, crime still managed to seep across the border and run rampant within its confines—particularly in New Haven.

Getting a Drug Crime Bail with Afford-a-Bail’s Help in CT

It can be depressing when you or your loved one is facing drug-related charges. Being in possession of drugs in Connecticut may not only ruin your future but can also attract life-threatening penalties. For instance, even the minimum possession charges are listed on the grounds of deportability, which creates a big immigration problems.

Not knowing where to get bail for drug charges can compound your distress. Fortunately, Afford-a-Bail is here to ease the burden of hefty bails that come with arrests for drug crimes.

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