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Immigration Bail Bonds

Non-citizens who are suspected to be residing in the United States illegally can become subject to arrest and detainment. The Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) branch of the Department of Homeland Security is responsible for taking illegal aliens into custody.

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Once the illegal immigrant is found eligible for release, an immigration judge will set a bond amount. This immigration bond is necessary for undocumented persons and Green Card holders detained by ICE who are awaiting the outcome of their immigration case.

Immigration Bond Types

There are two basic types of immigration bonds and insurance services available to illegal immigrants in ICE custody. To access any of these, however, it must be ascertained that you don’t pose any threats to public or national safety. The two types of bonds are:

  • Delivery bond

When in ICE custody as an illegal alien, you could qualify for a delivery bond subject to the decision of an immigration judge or ICE. You must receive a warrant of arrest and a notice of custody conditions for ICE to release you on a delivery bond. This is set to ensure that you appear in all hearings. It gives you the opportunity to spend time with loved ones and also consult with an attorney about your case.

  • Voluntary departure bond

You may be given the option to voluntarily leave the country at your expense by a given date. This kind of bond is refundable once you leave the country, as long as it is paid in full to ICE. However, you will forfeit the bond if you fail to leave.

Cost of Immigration Bond

Immigration bonds cost varies depending on a number of factors, including your immigration status, employment situation, criminal history, and your family ties in the U.S. (additional information on juveniles here). Any of the information can change the amount.

Also, the bond amount will be higher if you are considered a flight risk. Nonetheless, the minimum delivery bond is normally $1,500. This cost can jump up to $100,000 or more depending on the evaluation of your risk factors. Departure bonds cost a minimum of $500.

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How to Pay Immigration Bond

US passportsWondering how the bond process works? You can pay for an immigration bond in two ways:

  • Surety bond

Your friends or family can contact an agent to obtain a surety bond. The agent will normally charge between 10 and 20% of the total amount. The money or collateral you furnish cannot be refunded.

  • Cash bond

Your family or friends can pay the full bond amount to ICE directly. This money is refundable once you satisfy all court requirements in regard to your immigration case.

Immigration Bond Refund

If you show up for all court hearings and follow all the court orders, the person who posted the bond (the obligor) is eligible for a bond refund. If you don’t show up, you can read about the consequences here.

ICE will cancel the immigration bond and then notify the Debt Management Center about the canceled bond. Once the cancellation is processed, the obligor will receive a Form I-391 Notice – Immigration Bond Cancelled.

The Form instructs the obligor to file for a refund of the principal amount plus any interest accrued. You should keep in mind that it can take a year or longer to get your money back after posting an immigration bond.

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