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Parole Bail Bond in Connecticut

Once a convict is released from prison, there’s normally a period of re-integration known as parole. This period is a test to determine if you are ready to re-enter society, and hence there are certain terms and conditions you must comply with.

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A parole bond is a defined amount of money or property you have to pay to the government as a guarantee that you will not violate any of the terms and conditions of your release. Violating the terms and conditions can have serious consequences.

Parole Violation Bail

When serving jail time, you become eligible for parole when you complete one-third of your sentence. Sometimes, however, the court can specify a minimum time that you must serve to qualify for a parole.

If the Parole Commission decides that you can be granted parole, you are given conditions of release that you have to comply with to continue enjoying your freedom. Failure to obey any conditions of release can result in a parole violation.

Several consequences may follow if you are found guilty of a parole violation, as outlined below:

  • Arrest warrant

When you are suspected to have violated a condition of release, a warrant could be issued for your arrest.

  • Revocation

If you lose the parole hearing, you will normally lose your parole and will have to serve the remainder of the original jail sentence.

  • Fines

If you are found guilty of a violation or a crime, a fine is normally assessed. If the state law permits, a certain amount of fine can be imposed for a parole violation.

  • Criminal charges

Besides being convicted of a parole violation, you can also face additional charges for the alleged crime.

When on parole, you are presumed innocent of any violations or new offenses until guilt is proved. You are entitled to a hearing on the alleged violation as well as right to quick trial on any new charges.

Your parole cannot be revoked or suspended unless there is solid reason to believe that you violated the terms of your parole. While awaiting you parole revocation hearing, you may or may not be allowed to post bail.

In rare cases, a judge will set a bail amount for you if accused of parole violation. In most cases, however, bail is denied if you are suspected to be a flight risk or a danger to yourself or others. In that case, you have to wait for your parole revocation hearing in the county jail.

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You Can Bail Someone Out of Jail That’s on Parole in CT

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