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You can get bailed out of Windsor FAST. You call us at our phone number to notify the bail bondsman about your bail. Start with filling out our defendant authorization form online. Then one of Afford-A-Bail’s bondsman will provide documents to the Windsor Police Department. Now you or your loved one is released and free to go! For more information about bail bonds, Click Here.

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About Windsor

North of the capital, Windsor was the first place settled in the state of Connecticut by English settlers. Since its start in the early-1600s, the town has grown and now calls nearly 30,000 residents according to the 2010 census. From the historic sites of Palisado Avenue to the bustling corporate centers of Day Hill Road, the town blends a modern, eclectic population with appreciation of the regions historic roots.
Popular destinations in Windsor include the beautiful scenery of Northwest Park—home of the annual county fair—and the Windsor Arts Center. The Vintage Radio and Communications Museum of Connecticut offers a look at the beginning of radio, television and music recording with exhibits and events for all ages. There’s even an on-site recording studio and hands-on classes throughout the year!
For food and nightlife, the town features a great selection of bars and restaurants. You’ll find popular chain options including Buffalo Wild Wings and Chili’s if you’re looking for something familiar. However, the best spots for good company and a night out are by far the local bars. Leading options include the Union Street Tavern, Tobacco Shed Café and The Garden Grille & Bar.
Should the unexpected happen and you find yourself or a member of your family visiting the Windsor Safety Complex, you’ll find a helpful Afford-a-Bail Bail Bonds location less than 20 minutes south in nearby Hartford. Our knowledgeable team is a leading option amongst bail bonds in Windsor, Connecticut. They can assist you with the process of posting bail and advise you on how to proceed to put this stressful and trying time behind you. With payment plans and locations throughout the Hartford region, we can help you or your loved ones with the second chance that they deserve!
Getting started is as simple as contacting one of our agents. From there, we’ll discuss the situation and a bondsman will start the paperwork. Once paperwork is complete, we’ll work out a payment agreement and you’re on your way! Click here for more information on the bail bonds process.

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How To Post A Bail Bond In Connecticut

In our line of work, we get asked many questions from our clients, but inevitably the number one question we are asked on a daily basis is “How do I post a bail bond?” This is typically accompanied by a lot of stress, worry, and concern from the person asking the question, due to their loved one being in jail.

How Does “Bail to Avoid Jail” Work?

When one is arrested for committing a crime, he is innocent until proven guilty. However, the person will be put to jail and the prosecution moves on. Unfortunately, the criminal justice system takes a long time to resolve a case. In order to remain free while waiting for the court appearance, the accused person posts a bail.

Bail: Getting out of Jail

The first, and probably the only thing, that preoccupies the minds of people in jail is how they could get out as quickly as possible. One way this could be achieved legally is by paying bail.

Bail is the cash or any other form of property given by a charged or arrested person, to secure his release from jail with the understanding that he will present himself anytime he is needed in the court. If the defendant absconds or does not return to court at the prescribed time, he not only forfeits his property or cash, the court can order his arrest.